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Friday, November 18, 2011


Written by Sherri Hicks

I don’t watch Saturday Night Live as often as I did when Tina Fey was still on the show, but I still try to tune in every once in a while when I see it on direct tv packages. The real star for me recently is Keenan Thompson. His portrayal of Herman Cain this season is absolutely hysterical. It’s rare for me to laugh out loud at many of the skits these days, but I laugh at every skit he is in without fail. I watched an episode a couple of weeks ago where Keenan played Herman Cain and revealed new plans to coincide with his 9-9-9 plan, and I didn’t stop laughing for about ten minutes after the skit ended. His comic timing is superb, and I think he is the best on the entire show at staying in character. I also enjoy every single skit Kristen Wiig is in, and think she is one of the funniest women in show business. I will always love Seth Meyer’s Weekend Update but every time I watch it I miss Tina Fey. Kristen Wiig fills the void very well, but Tina Fey will never be replaced on that show, in my opinion.

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